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Looking for a simple way to make your Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck stand out from the rest? It’s easy and simple! Simply set up your ride with a custom aftermarket grille. How do you choose the right one to fit your pickup truck from the vast array of custom components? The answer is not hard nor is it easy. Deciding to buy a Silverado trim is easy. However, deciding on the right style and where to purchase the right fitting pattern is the major test.

Before embarking on purchasing the right trim, it is advisable to at least know the various style grilles and their compositions or components. Once that is understood, you should have the necessary information to choosing the one that is right for your vehicle. Below is a brief synopsis of the various styles for your Silverado.

Billet Style:

One of the oldest and most popular style grille patterns for the Chevy Silverado is the billet style grille. The billet grille is used to improve the style or purpose of the OE factory trim. In addition, the billet style is constructed from billet, solid bar stock aircraft-grade aluminum or CNC machined from solid sheet aluminum. Vertical and horizontal patterns are available, and are proven to be strong, dependable and long-lasting. Furthermore, billet grilles can be machined, polished, powder-coat or simply painted finish to match the exterior color of your vehicle.

Wire Mesh:

Looking for a sophisticated grille to adorn on your Silverado, consider a stainless steel design wire mesh grille. This style grille features a wire mesh style with different patterns and compositions. For example, there are mesh patterns with 2.0mm, 3.5mm or even 4.00mm. In addition, some mesh style grilles are available in stainless steel or ABS plastic material. Chrome, standard painted, anodized painting and machine are popular finishes available for the wire mesh styles.

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ABS Grilles are application specific and engineered to fit precisely over and into the original factory grille assembly. ABS plastic grilles for the Silverado are durable and high quality constructed grilles that will not rust, crack or peel. For added personalization, it can be color-matched to complement the exterior of your vehicle

Impostor Grille Overlay:

The impostor or factory style grille overlay is a new concept in automobile styling made popular or available by Coast 2 Coast International. Most of the impostor grilles mimic OE factory grilles, but are chrome plated and features simple and easy mode of installation. One advantage of the impostor grille is that it is inexpensive. Besides the low cost, installation is relatively simple and easy; bolt-on over factory grille. If you like to keep your vehicle stock but luxury looking, the impostor chrome grille should definitely be considered.

Combo Package:

The combo package grille for the Silverado is another styling concept custom designed to replace factory grille. It features ABS plastic shells made from OE factory specifications with billet or mesh style grille insert. Installation is usually easy and simple; direct replacement of factory grille without cutting, modification or alteration to install.


This is a simple option. Paint your factory grille to color match the exterior of your vehicle. This option can score you top points and also, save you money if done in a tasteful manner


If none of the above fits your scheme, perhaps you can have a grille customized for you. This option is definitely expensive, but it fulfills and offers personal satisfaction. With a customized grille, you can draw or design it your way, and then have a machine shop fabricate it for you. As good as this option, it is not recommended for a newbie. Then again, it’s your vehicle. Customize it your way.

Where to Buy:

Now that you have an idea what style to purchase, the next and difficult task is, where to find the best and where to buy it cheap.

Online and local automotive shops are the top places to purchasing the right component for your Silverado Pickup Truck.

So, which is the best grille pattern for your Chevy Silverado? No one grille is better than the other. The best grille prototype is usually the one that you like and the one that fits your vehicle best. Choosing the right grille pattern can be somewhat hard and pain staking, but it is worth searching for the right grille, the best fitting grille and the best grille that fits your budget and your style.

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